IT Consulting Practice

The Consulting Practice provides clients across Canada and USA with IT Strategy and Technology Planning expertise that enables them to anticipate and plan for current and future requirements.

We provide an IT Strategy solution for organizations needing to evaluate their IT investments. This solution can be customized for the particular needs of the organization and includes a review of the following areas.

  • Business Needs
  • Communications / Network Environment
  • Computing
  • Applications / Tools / Languages
  • Data
  • Operating Systems
  • Database
  • Security
  • Project Life Cycle Methodology
  • Capital Expenditure / Project Approval Process

Our resources have a variety of skill sets available to them which includes business process review and redesign expertise along with a technical skill set ranging from overall architecture, database design, network planning, security, and technical solutions development.

Once the needs of your organization have been identified and analyzed, The Consulting Practice Inc. will develop and prioritize recommendations to ensure that maximum benefit is achieved. Prioritization is based on business importance and ability to impact the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your organization.

The structure of the deliverable will include a detailed analysis and recommendation on the areas outlined above. In addition, it will include an implementation plan along with guiding principles to review and monitor the progress of the IT Strategy as it is deployed within your organization.

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