Storage & Server Consolidation

Storage and server consolidation solution can provide an immediate return on investment. It will improve your IT infrastructure’s performance, availability and manageability by providing a custom-designed, best-of-breed solution to meet your business requirements. Information is critical to the success of all businesses and a consolidated storage/server infrastructure provides the storage foundation for a highly-flexible and responsive IT strategy.

Why Invest in a Storage & Server Consolidation Solution?

The primary reason for deploying a storage consolidation solution is to simplify and optimize the current storage infrastructure. Huge data growth over the past several years has meant many businesses have had to rapidly expand storage sub-systems to accommodate the new capacity, performance and availability requirements demanded by business units.

This has often meant a situation where there are many separate servers and storage infrastructures in place, resulting in difficult management, inefficiency, high costs and an inability to meet the demands of the business environment.

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